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Details: The full content consists of 375 clips in WMV, MP4 and MKV with a total length of over 164 hours and 13673 video stills. In the dynamic area you will find at least 98 videoclips with a total length of 40 hours. The more accumulated membership time you have, the more you will see.
Members gave us 1154 clip-votes with averiage 9.3 of 10 points. Generally all clips are made in HD 720p and available for download without DRM protection.

Since 06/11, we are using a super 35mm camera with latest technology and crystal clear sound and can thus capture the studio atmosphere like never before.

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We always search for actors in Berlin. If you're interested please give a note to Lady Kate.

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09/07/2018: New video clip "Lost and Found 2" (with Elizabeth Garden)

published on

09/02/2018: New video clip "Lost and Found 1" (with Elizabeth Garden)

published on

08/17/2018: New video clip "Ehemann Reset 2" (with Fräulein Schmitt)

published on

07/27/2018: New video clip "Ehemann Reset 1" (with Fräulein Schmitt)

published on

07/15/2018: New video clip "Penetration Play 2" (with Bizarroness Alissa Noir)

published on

07/04/2018: New video clip "Penetration Play 1" (with Bizarroness Alissa Noir)

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